The Red Box is a Vending Machine for Dry Cleaners that allow their customers to Drop Off and Pickup Dry Cleaning 24 hours a day. They are situated outside a Dry Cleaners shop or they can be standalone in office buildings, car parks, train stations etc.

To make any type of technology, a reason is the most important part of any development. The reason why the Red Box was developed is to serve the public in providing the convenience of service.


To provide a consistent way of picking up and dropping off dry cleaning items 24hrs a day.

Creating a brand that consists of:

The machine that works day and night.

Included in a Red Box under the rental agreement is:


DVR technology is crucial to the success of The Red Box and Dry Cleaners; DCME has been involved in this technology for over 15 Years.

Adding the DVR system to The Red Box just gives that little extra security on the usage of the system. The Red Box Dvr has 3 cameras trained on the processing of the orders; the fourth camera is mainly used for observation of the front counter.

Additional Extras Cost to consider for installation:


Purchasing a garment conveyor from us or from a third party is subject to certain conditions approval.

All garment conveyors must be converted for use, by a Red Box technician, regardless of where or whom it is purchased from.

The conversion of an existing garment conveyor is based on strict conditions.

A technician can come and check if your garment conveyor is suitable for communicating to a Red Box.

The cost of the conversion is subjected to what is required for the correct connection to be effective, which is based upon the requirements to convert.

Rental Option:

We can include a garment conveyor into the rental agreement starting from 4. meters straight.

Rent to Buy Option:

Rent to buy a garment conveyor from us (straight) conveyor can be repaid over 24 months at a monthly repayment plan. INTEREST-FREE with a Red Box ONLY.

Purchase Option:

Purchase garment conveyor from (straight), all conveyors larger than 4 meters are ordered to suit the dry-cleaning store and will be required to be pre-ordered from our supplier.

Installation of the garment conveyor is at an additional cost.


All the above items are determined on a pre-installation costing.

A shop fitter will be required to install The Red Box into the glass panel of your shop front, at the dry cleaner’s expense.
Council approval may be required and is at the cost of the Dry Cleaner.

All cost relating to the fitting of the shop front is at the Dry Cleaners cost.

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Lawrence Dry Cleaners Castle Hill, NSW


1. All Terms and agreements are (agreed) prior to installation.
2. Rental agreements are delivered after the first face-to-face meeting.
3. Purchasing of a new garment conveyor or a conversion of an existing conveyor is required prior to commencing an agreement being made.
4. The Red Box staff member must complete an inspection of your site prior to any approvals in installing a Red Box.
5. All shop front installations are paid by the dry cleaner.
6. Rental agreements are signed prior to starting any installation.
7. Training periods and installation timing will be agreed upon prior to installation.


The first part of the rental agreement is based on a MINIMUM of 12 MONTHS.
This will only come into effect once any promotional offers have concluded.

The Red Box (ONLY) is based on (3 Months) FREE PERIOD. As per conversation today.

Note: This does not include Dcme front counter system, installation or a garment conveyor.
The rental agreement has a built-in 3-year term thereafter, with a special circumstance’s clause were If unhappy after the OFFER = Free Period and the first 12 months of your rental agreement.
The remaining part of the agreement can be exited by a special Claus of an early exit, this is based on a minimum written form requesting a 3 months exit Claus to be excised.

This will incur exiting cost and will be calculated of removal on current charges of the time of removal.


The following is offered based on the conditions below:

* Conditions Apply:
If the store has created the issue, or directly caused the issue, an invoice will be raised and the store will be liable for: Call out fee, Hourly rate and any Toll Charges incurred to that job.

All maintenance and servicing under the rental agreement are preformed during normal trading hours only.

We Offer:

* Free on-site during normal trading hours servicing and maintenance.
* Free software upgrades.
* Free parts replacement that is under the rental agreement.
* Free Telephone support to the dry cleaner.
* Free 1800 red box customer support number. Please note this is for your customers to report a problem only.

Garment conveyors and any non-related rental equipment that are not under our rental agreement or not purchased through us, will incur service and repair charges.

* Additional servicing and maintenance conditions apply:

If the store has created the issue or directly caused the issue, an invoice will be raised, and the store will be liable for:

  1. Call out fee
  2. Hourly rate
  3. Toll Charges.

Note: All non-related service work will be charged at the cost of the dry cleaners which will incur a cost for the service call out and hourly rate.    
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