How do I know if my orders is loaded?

Upon the dry cleaner LOADING the garment conveyor connected to the red box, you will receive a SMS if you used a mobile number at drop off.

What if I have more than one order to pick up?

The machine will prompt you on screen if you require to stay at the pickup door for multiple locations on the garment conveyor.

Why do I need to pay on drop off?

This is for a smooth process of returning to the box for pickup.

Can I pay on pickup?

Some dry cleaners do allow pickup to be paid for at the red box, this is clearly noted at the machine if available.

Can I contact my dry cleaner afterhours?

On the bottom righthand side of the main screen you will see a HELP button to access your dry cleaners’ details. We also have a 1800redbox for simple voice prompt help messages.

What if I need something URGENT?

Upon dropping off the screen that activates the unlocking of the chute door for you to place your incoming bag to, has a press here for your dry cleaner to contact you, one slip prints outside to place into the bag and another internally so the dry cleaners will see it upon opening the store the next day.ne

What if the door doesn’t open?

Contact the store dry cleaners’ number for further assistance.
  • 425 Jefferson St, Stokes Isle Apt. 896 Wharf, 10010, USA
  • 1-888-123-4545
  • info@portfolio.com

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